Mahadev Pulses private limited has been started in the year 2003 by the two dynamic and young brothers in the field of the Agro Products. Our factory is located at Changodar, Sarkhej – Bavla Road.

                         We are presently producing and selling the Moong and Toor Products with the capacity of the 12000 tonne per year in Moong and 15000 tons per year in Toor. The company has a wide Net Work distribution system and agents present in all the major cities of India.

                             The whole production is strictly confirmed with the international standards and local authority regulation, we are confident that our products and services will satisfy the highest level of standards.We are believing in that our customers will receive the consistently high quality of the product with the Reasonable price, our team has supervised in each and every stage to make that product from our company are clean and correct specification as per the requirement.


Motto of our company is to provide the fullest level of the satisfaction to the customer by providing the highest level of the satisfaction in quality, Price and back office services, and we also always thinking for the betterment of the providing the service, It is the Product excellence and perfectionist approach, which have enabled us to build and maintain a longstanding and strong relationship with our customers. Even though the lots of competition in this industry, company is leading due to its Quality, Honestly and other beneficial services to the customers


We are at present dealing in the Moong and Toor Products but our vision is to deal in all the Agro products like Rice, Adadh, and Chana etc and our intention is to become a global corporate that will satisfy all type of agro product need at world level.

Our Promoters

Suresh Kirankumar Rathi

Armed with the practical Knowledge in the Moong and Toor Industries, his experience is used in the successful purchased of the Raw Material and production of Better quality output of the Mahadev Pulses Private limited.He has also the good knowledge in dealing in the foreign Market and he does the Most of the purchasing of the Raw Moong and Toor from the Indian Market as well as the foreign market.A person with innovative ideas, vision and long term planning, He firmly believes that only a staff support can give the strength to any organization for further growth.His responsibilities include land acquisitions and all the legal activities related with the company.

kalpesh Kirankumar Rathi

Under the Guidance of Mr. Kalpesh Rathi, The Administration of the company has been Very well established under the smooth co-ordination with the staff personnel.Mr. kalpesh Rathi has played a significant role in shaping the Marketing & Financial policy guidelines of Mahadev Pulses Private Limited. With his valuable experience, he leads a team of internal and external finance specialists and manages all the financial activitieshe has pioneered in Branding and Promotions of the Makkhan Brands of Mahadev Pulses Private Limited. Mr. Kalpesh rathi provides leadership in setting goals, process, and direction. His key role includes Strategy Planning, Business Development, Strategic Marketing.

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